Friday, August 10, 2012

dolores park

 i hardly ever go to dolores park, mostly because i'd like to avoid the crowds of tourists, hipsters, children, etc basking in the sun like iguanas. but when i do go to dolores park i remember why there are crowds in the first place. it is beautiful! & so much fun with the right weather. i went yesterday twice for work (i'm a camp counselor) with a group of 10 children! not exactly relaxing but still beautiful.

when i do go to dolores park i make sure to grab some ice cream from this place, it's an sf must. my flavors of choice: salted caramel and ricanelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodles). 
a cute pup that was loving all the ooing and ahhing from the children

with all the ice cream a run was definitely in order

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