Wednesday, January 30, 2013


theta sophomores 
i'm running a little behind this weeks on posts but i'll be taking the next couple of days to get back on track and hopefully a little ahead. i've just been very busy with my sorority, which is Kappa Alpha Theta. we've been getting ready for recruitment for two weeks and tuesday night we were lucky to welcome 29 new members into theta. 
my little speil on my sorority:
i am very fortunate to have found this wonderful, intelligent, & beautiful  group of women with whom i can share various highs & lows. i have been shaped by all of them & i appreciate them more & more everyday.

bid night!
preference night!
bid night 

founder's day

*photos are not mine

Monday, January 28, 2013

monday's pep talk + other videos

SH*T OSCARPRGIRL SAYS from Oscar de la Renta on Vimeo.

this made me laugh

saw this the other day & couldn't help but feel inspired to do more everyday, even if it's just a small something. we could all use a little pep talk on monday's to get the week started right. Kid President knows just what to say to get me laughing and dancing.

&this video here made me cry (twice) it's awesome

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


happy friday! my first week of school is done and i have a super busy weekend, but i'll make sure to take some time just to breathe. hope your weekend is spectacular. 


i  started my second semester of my sophomore year on a tuesday so my mind is all confused so i seriously thought today was tuesday and came up with a super clever name for this post. i won't spoil it so i can save it for when it actually is tuesday. but at the start of the school year i set a number of goals for myself, while i can't say that i reached any of them last semester, but i can continue to try. i however, want to set new goals for myself. perhaps these will be more manageable but as i continue my college career i realize that no matter how much you plan there's always a wrench in the mix. 
1) nourish my existing relationships.
2) workout everyday (even if it is just a little bit). 
3) focus more on school- stay in and do some work instead of going out. 
4) enjoy 

but for the mean time while i'm trying to accomplish my goals take a listen to hero by family of the year. it's soothing me to sleep and keeping me company on my bike rides.

Monday, January 21, 2013

inauguration day & mlk

regardless of political party i think we can all agree how amazing beyonce's rendition of the National Anthem at yesterdays inauguration. it is a wonderful time when all American's can come together and remember that we are one nation. i get chills listening to her sing she has such a beautiful voice. i am very proud to be an American.

i hope you had a nice MLK day, i did! i spent it volunteering for metroparks in tacoma pulling ivy & blackberry bushes with my sorority sisters.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

my days in photos

sf's north beach// craftsman and wolves hot chocolate// bay bridge// pups after dark in north beach// sf from above// washington from a plane// my wall in my room// pineapple, passion fruit juice at tacolicious// exploring north beach with a friend// new coffee sleeve   

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

stylin' bicyclists

 Free People's January catalogue is out and it is beyond cool. It makes me want to put some flowers in my hair, hop on my bike, and buy a baguette ASAP. It also makes me wish for spring and summer so i can bare my colorless legs.  I love the idea of wearing dresses while bike riding instead of the usual workout gear. What do you wear when biking? Here are some of the stunning photographs with equally stunning outfits.

For more check out Free People

back to sea-tac

source unknown
my wonderful time in san francisco is up and while i am very sad to be leaving i'm excited to head back to tacoma and see my friends again. this mixture of emotions is always very confusing but i know once i'm back at school and i start getting busy again i won't have time to think about how much i wish i was home. i also have the fantastic memories of this break to remind me that i'll be home soon enough, san francisco is always waiting for me. 

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” 
― Maya AngelouAll God's Children Need Traveling Shoes

Monday, January 14, 2013

golden globe polaroids

celeb crush no.567

Awards season is in full swing and I love seeing all these great artists come together and celebrate all their hard work.  Check out the other polaroids on Vulture

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

showtime: 2 days in New York

being under the weather lately i've had no desire for human interaction or going outside my room. so to pass the time i've sat in my bed watching netflix to my heart's content. i've watched a lot of really good movies one in particular is 2 days in New York it had me laughing the whole time. it's about a couple Marion (Julie Delpy) and Mingus (Chris Rock) who live in New York and Marion's french family: crazy dad, super extroverted sister Rose, and Rose's insensitive boyfriend- also Marion's ex come to visit from Paris. When the family comes to visit things go from bad to worse for Marion and Mingus putting a strain on their relationship. This is a really funny film that showcases the dysfunctionality of families but in the end you always love one another. 

Some of my favorite moments include:
  •  Mingus having multiple conversations with a life size cutout Obama. 
  • Mingus and his sister having to explain to his 12 year old daughter that Manu was not buying pot, he was buying grass from Central Park as a souvenir. 
  • Any conversation with Marion's dad trying to speak english

Monday, January 7, 2013

of monsters and men

there are very few times when i love an entire album. usually i end up buying a few songs but with of monsters and men's album my head is an animal i love every song. at times they pump me up for the day or other times they lull me to sleep. they're an icelandic band that has had rapid success and has quickly become one of my favorites. careful you'll probably fall in love. 

of monsters and men by Anacristina on Grooveshark

Sunday, January 6, 2013


this past weekend i lost all of my photos & music since 2008ish, my laptop went crazy and had to be reformatted. the most frustrating part was losing the photos from a trip my family took to Europe for my 15th birthday. losing those photos is almost like erasing them from my life. so the lesson i learned is to backup and store everything in an external hardrive, so that the next time my computer crashes i won't have to worry about all my favorite memories being erased. 

another thing i did this weekend was go on a 5 mile hike/walk with my sister & dog. it was nice to just put away the electronics and just walk around and chat. it was a dark & cold day that eventually led to getting somewhat lost in the rain. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


recipe used
yesterday i woke up & was craving tomato soup. no particular reason but all i knew was that it was going to happen somehow. i've recently discovered my love for tomato soup & it has that homey feeling that you need when it's chilly outside & you just want to be all warm inside.  & yes we dice our onions with sunglasses on. 

after that we headed to humphry slocombe , last times humphry's adventure, i indulged in a scoop of secret breakfast ( cereal & bourbon) & malted dulce de leche. delicious, although next time one scoop will probably suffice.  


flying into SF// cheeky ornament// christmas tree// brunch at toast// ringing in the new year.

when i was little i imagined that by 2013 we'd have helicopter cars. my younger self is disappointed. a new year often brings new resolutions, new memories, & new adventures. i haven't taken the time yet to make resolutions. maybe i'll follow my dad's advice, "no resolutions cause i never stick to them. i just always strive to improve myself and be a better person."