Monday, December 10, 2012

all the lights

it's holiday time in tacoma/seattle! this weekend i headed up to seattle for a concert (The Shins!- post to come) and it was great to see the city all dazzled for the holidays. all the christmas lights and trees make me ache for home. Luckily only 2 finals, and 4 days stand in my way until i'm back in san francisco! i also headed to zoo lights and saw some feisty tiger cubs. happy monday! (i'm officially done with accounting!)  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

what i've missed

my last post was november 7, that's almost a full month! so while i've been MIA from the blog world i've missed out on quite a bit, but with winter break just on the horizon ( 9 days!) i'm planning on devoting some hardcore time to blogging, because to be honest i really enjoy it.

also, woah it's december it feels like i just posted this