Wednesday, January 9, 2013

showtime: 2 days in New York

being under the weather lately i've had no desire for human interaction or going outside my room. so to pass the time i've sat in my bed watching netflix to my heart's content. i've watched a lot of really good movies one in particular is 2 days in New York it had me laughing the whole time. it's about a couple Marion (Julie Delpy) and Mingus (Chris Rock) who live in New York and Marion's french family: crazy dad, super extroverted sister Rose, and Rose's insensitive boyfriend- also Marion's ex come to visit from Paris. When the family comes to visit things go from bad to worse for Marion and Mingus putting a strain on their relationship. This is a really funny film that showcases the dysfunctionality of families but in the end you always love one another. 

Some of my favorite moments include:
  •  Mingus having multiple conversations with a life size cutout Obama. 
  • Mingus and his sister having to explain to his 12 year old daughter that Manu was not buying pot, he was buying grass from Central Park as a souvenir. 
  • Any conversation with Marion's dad trying to speak english

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