Wednesday, January 23, 2013


i  started my second semester of my sophomore year on a tuesday so my mind is all confused so i seriously thought today was tuesday and came up with a super clever name for this post. i won't spoil it so i can save it for when it actually is tuesday. but at the start of the school year i set a number of goals for myself, while i can't say that i reached any of them last semester, but i can continue to try. i however, want to set new goals for myself. perhaps these will be more manageable but as i continue my college career i realize that no matter how much you plan there's always a wrench in the mix. 
1) nourish my existing relationships.
2) workout everyday (even if it is just a little bit). 
3) focus more on school- stay in and do some work instead of going out. 
4) enjoy 

but for the mean time while i'm trying to accomplish my goals take a listen to hero by family of the year. it's soothing me to sleep and keeping me company on my bike rides.

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