Friday, August 24, 2012

that's all folks

well it's official summer is over. while it is a sad fact it's not all bad. it means it's time for fall & new beginnings (which everyone loves). entering my second year of college is super exciting and scary all at the same time because how can i possibly be a sophomore in college when i'v just mastered pumping gas? so for today's post i want to reminisce on some of the best parts of summer.

1) beginning of summer- seattle loving; 2) road trip home- voodoo donuts in portland; 3) giants games!!; 4) hiking all over the bay; 5) seeing the golden gate bridge; 6) watching my baby sister graduate!; 7) more great views in sf; 8) ice cream!; 9) oyster fest- seeing young the giant!; 10/11) fourth of july grilling & firework watching; 12) baking? with my sister; 13) film night in the park- the artist at union square; 14) graffiti exploring in the mission; 15) farmer's market; 16) watching my cousin have her baby- welcome new cousin; 17/18) eating- plow & restaurant lulus; 19) hanging with my bestest girls

thanks for an amazing summer sf! see you real soon! 


  1. Nice memories. That is the important thing.

  2. nice shots - the puffs and ice cream looks so sinfully good xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Lovely photos, esp the newborn :)


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