Tuesday, August 7, 2012

to market to market

bay bridge, clock tower at the ferry building, veggies, mouthwatering peaches/nectarines, mocha, macaroons at miette, secret breakfast [bourbon and cornflake] ice cream from humphry slocombe, pier, pastry with custard, outside enjoying the sun.

this summer i have discovered something magical, the farmers market. i know it's nothing new but it feels like i've been opened to a whole new world. & in san francisco there are so many to choose from. my farmers market of choice is the one on saturday at the ferry building. filled with both tourists and locals you're bound to meet some interesting people and find delicious eats, a myriad of flowers, fruits, and vegetables to choose from. this farmers market adventure i got boysenberry jam, brie, golden beets, & pluots. while a friend had a mushroom empanada and a pastry filled with custard. you'll come with an empty stomach and leave with a bag full of goodies and a satisfied appetite.

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