Thursday, September 20, 2012

the age of miracles

one thing i love just as much as eating & sleeping is reading. during winter or summer breaks you can usually find me with my head buried in a book, but come school time my head is usually buried under textbooks, which are way less fun. but this year i make sure to give myself at least 10 minutes of reading time right before i go to bed. it may take me twice as long to finish a book but its been really effective. 
i've been reading the age of miracles by karen thompson walker for the past month & every night i have trouble putting the book down & going to bed. so last night as i was in bed reading i decided to finish it. it didn't matter that it was way past my recommended bed time, or that i was planning on waking up early and going to the gym. & i am so glad i did, the book was magic from beginning to end. 
the book is about what would happen if the earth began to slow, so instead of 24 hour days you'd have 26, 48 hour days. it was beautifully written & it took me to place that was far enough away from our reality but close enough to make me cherish the little things like the smell of grass (you'll understand if you read the book)


"But I guess it never is what you worry over that comes to pass in the end. The real catastrophes are always different—unimagined, unprepared for, unknown.” 

“Some say that love is the sweetest feeling, the purest form of joy, but that isn't right. It's not love--it's relief.” 

“I liked the idea, how the past could be preserved, fossilized, in the stars. I wanted to think that somewhere on the other end of time, a hundred light years from then, someone else, some distant future creature, might be looking back at a preserved image of me and my father at that very moment in my bedroom.” 

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  1. I love reading too! Looks like a great book, thanks for the recommendation..I'm writing this down on my list of books to read.


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